From Ken’s Ark…

We have just begun the “birthday season” as we refer to it at our house.  All of our daughters are Taurus, so we have their birthday’s two weeks apart, until we hit our granddaughter’s birthday.  Throw into the mix one daughter’s wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, one son-in-law’s birthday, and then we hit June….

We have made it a family tradition to celebrate birthdays and the birthday person!  Well, I should confess that Joanne has made it a family tradition and I show up to help!  She takes care of a gift and a card, she plans the birthday person’s favourite meal, bakes them a cake – the only time we haven’t had a home-made cake was the year one of the girl’s wanted an ice-cream cake!  When the girls were young they always had a birthday party with friends, even though ALL 3 birthdays fell at the busiest time of our campground season.

So, the point I am trying to make is that no matter how busy your work life or home life is, it’s important to take some time to celebrate the important people in your life – make them feel special and loved!  It doesn’t have to cost much – it just has to let them know you love them!  And on that note – Happy Birthday Girls – Dad loves you!

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